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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Viswanadha Business School

Viswanadha Business


About Viswanadha Business  School

Viswanadha business school is one of the leading business schools which meet the international standards of business education. It aims to provide business education of supreme quality that helps its students to be placed in the leading organizations. It offers the facility of dual specialization in any of the two specializations of marketing, finance and human resource. At Viswanadha business school, highly experienced faculty is present which in addition to the studies provides council service to the students. There is an academic and a business advisory council in the school. The school actively introduces comprehensive workshops and seminars to make the students have practical insights of the business world during their degree program. There is an educational society established as a part of the school campus which comprises well-known faculties and exceptional industrialists which belongs to diversified areas of specialization giving the students a practical exposure. The school provides quality business education to the students in the most effective and engaging manner integrating the real world experience.

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