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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Ahmedabad Institute of Engineering and and Information Technology

Ahmedabad Institute of

Engineering and and Information Technology

About Ahmedabad Institute of  Engineering and and Information Technology

Fort Scott High School is one of the principal and well acknowledged educational foundations nationally and internationally. The school exits to accomplish its aim of developing students' ability for achievement and victory through educating citizenship and abilities required for enduring and continuous learning. It proffers a range of disciplinary courses to the students and learners. It proposes courses in the areas of English, language arts, mathematics, social sciences, science, physical education, special education, fine arts, business education, foreign language and career and technology education. Over and above the incessant and all encompassing prospects for learning and education, Fort Scott High School involves an assortment of miscellaneous activities and prospects for the students further than the usual curriculum. Sports and athletics are given considerable and prominent attention in the school. Among the most famous and popular athletics and sports played at the school are baseball, basketball for girls, basketball for boys, soft ball, football, cross country, golf for girls, golf for boys, soccer, tennis for girls, tennis for boys, volleyball, track and wrestling. Music, debate, arts and other extracurricular activities are also given special consideration in the school. The school possesses a state of the art library augmented with plentiful and abundant sources for the education and comprehension of teachers and the students. The library resources are available and accessible to the students and staff online, as well. The library entails a choice of diverse publications relatable to all fields of interest and specialty. These include books, diverse audio and video sources, newspapers, scholarly journals and numerous other helpful and valuable library resources. There are different clubs and societies in the school which provide chances and prospects for the students to get equipped with different skills including the leadership abilities.

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