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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Andhajan Shikshan Mandal

Andhajan Shikshan


About Andhajan Shikshan  Mandal

Andhakam Shikshan Mandal was established in 1954 for educating the visually impaired individuals and to make them a constructive part of the society. It was established in 1954 by Gordhandas Chokhawala. Started from a primary school for boys, the institute now educates girls and boys equally through latest facilities and trained teaching faculty. Other than the primary and secondary schools, the institute also has physiotherapy and rehabilitation center. It provides employment to the visually impaired people expert in physiotherapy. The institute not only educate them but also make them self reliant by providing them musical education through their L&T studio, making them proficient in different crafts such as weaving, book-binding, and molding of plaster of Paris etc and teaching them computer skills. Their products are later sold through the institute's own sales depot so that they feel productive being of society. It also offers accommodation to the students – both boys and girls – coming from far off places. The institute is well equipped for every kind of education and activities and also conduct different events on regular basis for displaying the work of talented students.

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