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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science

Atmiya Institute of

Technology & Science

About Atmiya Institute of  Technology & Science

The Atmya group of institutes has given a very spiritual as well as technical environment to their students that aids in the professional and personal development. The infrastructure consists of nicely stacked libraries and learning resource centers all equipped with advanced computers. The group also hands out scholarships to bright students who can't afford to pay the tuition fee. The institute also prides itself in low dropout rates. The Atmya Institute has been striving since it's inception to try and achieve the goal that helps them stay consistent and side by side with the advancing technology and proportionate growth in the diverse needs of education of the society and the layout of opportunities to achieve those goals, the institute thrives on the thrill of being the centre of excellence and a gradual but positive change in the society. With the mission to grow and become the global centre and institute for higher learning, the Atmya group has taken some bold steps in the direction of innovation.

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