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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute

Central Glass & Ceramic

Research Institute

About Central Glass & Ceramic  Research Institute

Central Glass and Ceramic Institute (CGCRI) has been initiated under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. They strive to provide knowledge and researches about glass, ceramics and materials related to it. Along with the production of glass they focus on using latest and modern techniques for coloring glass and ceramics. CGCRI was the first institute who took initiative to develop laser glass, synthetic quartz single crystal, high alumina ceramic seals, infra-red transmitting filters and spacers. They have a much formalized organizational structure with narrow span of control along with departmentalization. The Institute maintains a separate testing and characterization cell where the raw material is tested and approved on the basis of national and international standards. The institute organizes different mechanical workshops for the employees that help them to stay updated according to the demands and needs of the industry. Trainings are given on regular basis so that their employees and workers remain competent to meet with the upcoming challenges.

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