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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

CEPT University



About CEPT  University

CEPT [Name of the Writer] [Name of the institution] CEPT CEPT stands for the Centre for environmental planning and technology, located in Gujarat India. The college was inaugurated in the year 1962 through the grant of the government. The school of planning was established in the year 1972 through joint alliance of ford Foundation and the government of Gujarat. The university encompasses of five different faculties namely; architecture, planning, technology, interior design and project management. The institution focuses upon the development of the respective disciplines, as well as, produce quality human capital that could help the Indian society in rising and developing on socio-economic grounds. The university encompasses of sound faculty staff with more than 7000 students studying in different disciplines. CEPT is well-reckoned as the institution that renders sustainable growth in the field of social sciences. It has made enormous development and progress, as well as, introduced new forums of scientific preservations for the state of Gujarat and the nation.

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