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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Chimanbhai Patel Institute Of Management

Chimanbhai Patel

Institute Of Management

About Chimanbhai Patel  Institute Of Management

A renowned personality Mr. Siddharth C. Patel formed the Chimanbhai Patel institute (CPI) with the intention to sustain education in India. The institute emphasizes on academic education through practical trainings. CPI offers degrees in business studies and computer applications. Well maintained structure of the institute consists of a library, canteen, computer room, conference rooms, reading room, assembly hall and sports complex too. The faculty of CPI aims to provide the best teachings to the students to bring out exceptional business leaders from their academy. The administration moulds their teaching methodologies according to the current trends and requirements of the market so that the students can have a clear understanding of managing their professional life as well. CPI encourages trainings along with research and development activities in their campus for the betterment of the students. The skilled and qualified staff of CPI supports the students to achieve their objectives effectively in terms of learning and academic activities.

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