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Compughost Complete Solutions

Compughost Complete


About Compughost Complete  Solutions

Compughost Complete Solution (CCS) is one of the leading organizations of India. The organization aims to offers rapid, cost effective and consumer centric solutions to the businesses. The main objective of the organization is to ensure that their solutions are effectively supporting the strategies of their customer's businesses. The technological solutions of the Compughost Complete Solution (CCS) allow the organizations and businesses to compete in today's corporate world. In addition to this, the organization aims to provide extensible, scalable and flexible platforms to the organizations in order to fulfill the demands e-business requirements. In precise words, Compughost Complete Solution (CCS) provides opportunities to the businesses to take benefit of their software, web and technological solutions, in order to ensure the efficiency and integrity of their business procedures. The organization offers fast and cost effective solutions to the businesses along with the advanced and innovative IT. The organization develops and designs these solutions while ensuring the quality, convenience and efficiency of the proposed solutions. Furthermore, Compughost Complete Solution (CCS) intensely focuses on supreme quality of the solutions while ensuring the affordable cost. The proposed solutions of the organization enable the businesses to ensure the scalability, security, integrity, availability and confidentiality of their business infrastructure. The technological solutions that are offered by the organization may include operating systems of OS X, MAC OS 9, Win2000/NT, Linux, UNIX and Solaris. The organization also offers several database solutions to the businesses including Informix, Sybase, MS-SQL, DB2 and Oracle. All these database solution allows the businesses to ensure the security of their confidential information. Various data warehousing techniques are also provided by the Compughost Complete Solution (CCS) including Teradata, Hyperion and Ab Initiom Erwin.

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