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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Dakshina Murti Vidyalaya

Dakshina Murti


About Dakshina Murti  Vidyalaya

Dakshinamurti Vidhyalaya is one of the leading academic institutes in the country. They made all the essential resources available for the students. Well designed classrooms, computer laboratory and required science laboratories. They own diversified faculty for their academics. The teachers are devoted towards educating the students, in fact the faculty members teach students after extensive research and study so that the individuals are taught in the best possible manner. The structure and management of the organization is under wide span of control and all the officials take care of the activities taking place within the premises. The administration of the institute encourages extracurricular activities amongst students so that they stay mentally and physically strong. They believe these activities would help them releasing the academic stress. Cultural and traditional events are organized in order to make the students aware about their values and traditions of the country. Dakshinamurti Vidhyalaya strives to improve on continuous basis so that they can be more successful in providing academic services.

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