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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Digital Computers



About Digital  Computers

CyberCure Technologies private limited is an ISO certified institute with 9001:2008. It aspires to serve a plenty of divisions through its services which include colleges, students, government and corporate sector. The institute provides effective solutions and precautions for the technological and network processes. The administration of the institute aims to support almost all the sectors in order to make them technologically competent and capable of dealing with the issues they usually face. A plenty of workshops are organized for the students in order to enhance their academic learning. Various trainings are given to the students where they explain them about the ethics and usage of certain software which have advantages as well as disadvantages. Their training sessions include summer, winter, industrial and classroom trainings. All these trainings endow the individuals with that essential knowledge which is not available in their text books and is required to be practiced practically. A complete hands on session is made available for the students so that they can have a clear experiential learning. Equally the colleges are also given significant trainings and teachings so that they can further update their students efficiently. They teach the management of the college regarding laboratories set up, digital marketing and web designing. All these activities support the colleges in increasing their worth amongst the educational sector. CyberCure Technologies private limited keeps on updating their customers and employees regarding the dynamic changes taking place in technological industry. Continuous improvement is highly encouraged by the authorities of the company. They ensure to practice transparency and integrity in their business operations. Their commitment towards quality is never compromised with regard to any client. CyberCure Technologies private limited endeavors to become an highly recognized training and consultancy company not only nationally but on global platform as well.

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