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FIITJEE Axacdemy



About FIITJEE  Axacdemy

FIITJEE was founded in the year 1992 with the objectives of providing the students with a perfect launch pad for serious JEE aspirants. As the time passed by the FIITJEE started making difference in the approach and the thinking of its students. The institute started to enhance the IQ of its students and leave an indelible mark on them. FIITJEE started changing lives of its students as it changed its benchmarks of excellence and inspired its students for perfection in the process. FIITJEE grew with leaps and bounds becoming the pinnacle of education as it provide top quality education through integrated school programs like the Supreme, Udaya Plus and Pinnacle. The institute delivers education in such a way to its students that no outside coaching is required to them outside of the school system. FIITJEE started junior colleges in Hyderabad and soon same minded schools around the country joined hands with it, creating ideal school education platform so that the students can get admission in different international universities. References World Health Organization. (2000). Obesity: Preventing and managing the global epidemic: Report of a WHO consultation (WHO Technical Report Series, No. 894). Geneva: Author , Data retrieved from www.who.int/nutrition/publications/obesity/WHO_TRS_894/en/ on December 6, 2012

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