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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Hiralal Bapulal Kapadiya College Of Education

Hiralal Bapulal Kapadiya

College Of Education

About Hiralal Bapulal Kapadiya  College Of Education

Hiralal Bapulal Kapadia College of Education (H.B.K.C) is associated with H.B kapadia education trust. The college has a well-designed infra-structure of the campus that includes a library, assembly hall and laboratories for different courses. The college offers academic courses like Gujarati, Hindi, Economics, math, Hindi, Sanskrit and Social science. They have well-qualified staff members in their college. The faculty teaches the students with all their effort and dedication so that the students are fully equipped with required knowledge and information. They assist the students in developing the skills they lack in. Teachers work hard to bring out the hidden potential within the students. Individuals are given guide lines and directions for their futures so that they carry their careers successfully ahead. They intend to provide education to every individual and for that they kept their fee quite affordable so that no entity is left uneducated. They understand the fact that educating the youth will ultimately bring a positive change for the country.

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