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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

IBMR Business School

IBMR Business


About IBMR Business  School

IBMR Business School is one of the leading business schools in the country which owns campuses in the cities like Ahmadabad, Delhi, Bangalore and Hubli. The school intends to authorize individuals with the best education and direction towards their careers. IBMR not only focuses on academic learning but it also provides personality and skill development trainings. The school aims to prepare an individual as a complete human being and a responsible citizen as well. They have a well distributed time for every activity, be it academic or non-academic. Their systematic procedure allows the students to stay active and participative in the essential activities. Special Guest lecture sessions are organized for the effective learning of the students. An expert lecture helps students in selection of their careers and occupations. On campus interviews and selection is conducted to provide the students with the opportunity of job and placement. IBMR is a complete academy that enhances the skills and learning of an individual that would ultimately benefit them in their future lives.

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