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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

International Gemological Institute

International Gemological


About International Gemological  Institute

The Institute of Gemology (IGI) understands the market needs and has developed its courses and teachings accordingly that could ultimately be beneficial for the country. It is the first institute that executed permanent inscription on the table of diamonds, using ion beam technology. IGI operates in numerous countries such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Mumbai, Toronto, Chennai, shanghai, Dubai and many more places. The institute offers variety of courses that consists of a diamond grader, jewellery maker and graduate gemologist. Their offerings focus on the diamond specifications including the cut, carat, color, clarity. Their world-class teaching and training helps the individuals to be skilled with excellence. The institute has also formed alliances with (DMIA) Diamond Manufacturers & Importers Association of America, (Indian Diamond and Colorstone Association (IDCA) and many other organizations as well. The academic programs, the infrastructure facilities, and the affiliations of the IGI has made it a reputed institution in the region that helps the students to be recognized internationally that supports the students in the growth of their careers.

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