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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Littlle Flower School

Littlle Flower


About Littlle Flower  School

Little flower school provides education from pre-primary to high school. Their unique attribute is the E-learning system that is they now offer digital classes for quick and effective learning of the students, here teachers teach through multi-media projectors and laptops virtually. They have a state of the art structure that includes a huge skating and yoga hall, a large assembly hall, filtered drinking water, chemistry, computer and physics laboratories equipped with trendy resources. A plenty of non-academic activities are encouraged by the management that consists of music, arts, dance, sports and other cultural activities too. For the future of their students they have their counselors who can provide career counseling to the students in order to give them a clear understanding about their future goals. In order to maintain the decorum of the school the administration keeps a clear check on the activities taking place within the premises through the CCTV, this helps them to uphold a positive environment in the school.

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