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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Sardar Patel Educational lnstitute

Sardar Patel

Educational lnstitute

About Sardar Patel  Educational lnstitute

Following the motto and dictum of the renowned Sardar Patel, the institute under the name of Sardar Patel Educational Institute (SPEI) accentuates on the true knowledge. The institute aims to provide the students with the most latest and upgraded teachings in worldly education as well personal knowledge and personality development. The most striking part of the curriculum of the school entails the fact that it comprises of teaching the students with emphasis more on comprehension and understanding of the subject matter, as compared to the rote learning. The institute firmly believes in the fact that students should acquire knowledge beyond their curricula and should be acquainted with the affairs of the world and the general knowledge. Physical exercises and education and arts and crafts form one of the most integral parts of teaching at the SEPI, including competitions and contests in this regard. The administration has carefully designed systems of the institute as per fulfilling the child's needs and requirements for utmost personal growth and development.

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