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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Shikshanjali Institute Of Managament & Technology

Shikshanjali Institute Of

Managament & Technology

About Shikshanjali Institute Of  Managament & Technology

Shikshanjali institute of Management and Technology (SIMT) realize the fact that in today's fast pace era no individual can prosper without technological education. They intend to teach according to international standards to be recognized globally. They wish to see their students to be recognized internationally. The institute offers academic programs that include management, engineering and information technology along with other short courses. The diversified faculty of the university enables students to learn in a safe and healthy environment. The administration of the institute mainly focuses on applied education so that the students are given a clear direction and understanding about their careers and areas of interest. The management of the university encourages the participation of students in extracurricular activities and non-academic areas in order to release their stress. In today's competitive age it is quite difficult to find appropriate jobs so with regard to this SIMT takes care about the placements of their students. They want their students to flourish and reach to the optimum level in their lives.

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