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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Synchron Research Services PVT LTD

Synchron Research

Services PVT LTD

About Synchron Research  Services PVT LTD

Synchron is one of the leading research organizations of India. They strive to fulfill customer demands through customization of their products. They work in plenty of areas including medical devices, pharmaceutical products, quality analysis, bioavailability and many more pharmacy areas. The organization stands out as it offers trail services to the clients so that they can be satisfied in the best possible way. They also possess well experienced professors and scientists who perform the activities through extensive study and expertise. The management of Synchron never compromises on quality and excellence, for this they provide continuous training and guidance to their staff members to keep them updated with the changing trends of the world. Their commitment to quality remains consistent because of the hard work and dedication of their professors and staff members. Their researches and projects are conducted through effective planning and strategies in order to avoid any error. They aim to become a leading research centre globally.

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