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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Vidyabharti Trust Polytechnic College

Vidyabharti Trust

Polytechnic College

About Vidyabharti Trust  Polytechnic College

Vidyabharti Trust is an educational trust that aims to provide quality education to the individuals from childhood to the time they reach to college level. They own plenty of colleges that include Polytechnic, Pharmacy, B.ED, Degree ENGG and BBA - BCA College. They own expert faculty and staff members with respect to each college and their academic requirements. The aim of each college is to produce professionally strong students who can sustain their position in the competitive market successfully. All the related colleges provide every best capacity for the students to learn and feel comfortable in terms of a massive library, well-equipped laboratories, auditoriums and seminar halls, transportation is given as the means of travelling to them. By providing quality learning and education they contribute towards the betterment of the society as well, they believe that nurturing young talents will ultimately be fruitful for the country. Dedicated staff and administration of the colleges support and work hard to achieve the objective of the trust.

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