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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Xcellon Institute



About Xcellon  Institute

Xcellon Institute (XI) is the initiative taken by the founders of Claris Lifesciences and Abellon Clean Energy in the field of education. This initiative stems from the great concern for the lack of quality human resource for growth of businesses in India. There is no dearth of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial acumen amongst the youth in India today, but they lack professional guidance, knowledge and skills to help them succeed. With the global changes in business practices have also inspired the Indian business managers to re-invent their own business practices. One of the key changes resulting from this re-invention includes how the employees of a company are now considered as an integral and strategic resource of the company. Now many Indian business organizations seek young and competitive professionals. However, business education still has to catch up their curriculum and learning strategies to the changing local business environment. Therefore, with spirit to introduce and impart innovative, competitive and comprehensive business education to students, XI is considered as the premier business education institute in Ahmedabad.

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