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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Acharya Institute of Technology

Acharya Institute

of Technology

About Acharya Institute  of Technology

Acharya Institutes aspires to educate the youth of the country as per the industrial needs and requirements. They aim to endow the individuals with brighter and admirable futures. They manage plenty of institutions under their administration. These institutes include Acharya institute of technology, school of architecture, college of pharmacy, school of management, Acharya polytechnic, institute of graduate studies, college of nursing, college of education and pre-university college along with an institute of English and foreign languages. The administration of the Acharya Institutes ensures that equal policies and standards are followed amongst all the institutes and schools in order to maintain uniformity between all the campuses. They embrace diversity and accept students from all over the world as their only motive is to educate individuals effectively with respect to their interests. They maintain a separate placement department that enables the students to find better work places for themselves through on campus visits of well known organizations. Various workshops and guest speaker sessions are organized by the management of the institutions so that the students can learn other then their text books. The teachers strive to make the students extract the maximum knowledge from the guest speakers through their experiences. The administration of each campus ensures to arrange industrial visits for the students so that they can explore new insights of their education. These visits help the students to understand more clearly through experiential learning. Acharya Institutes endeavors to bestow the students with an absolute lifestyle with regard to the finest academic services along with world class facilities which are made available for the students in a brilliant manner. The management of the Acharya Institutes provides all the required facilities to the students in all their colleges so that the individuals can be provided with the education efficiently and eff

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