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Dexler Information Solutions Private Limited

Dexler Information

Solutions Private Limited

About Dexler Information  Solutions Private Limited

4. Dexler Information Solutions is a learning solutions provider, which leverages technology to enable companies and institutions to manage and enhance their knowledge pool. Dexler's endeavor has been to provide strategic educational services and products developed on robust delivery platforms using innovative learning enablers. Dexler is recognized for offering customized learning content in a flexible framework for individual learning, corporate education and community training. In the education sector, Dexler has provided strategic solutions to several educational institutions across the country and has emerged as an integrated education technology company, developing products and services to meet specific needs of the education industry. Dexler was established in the year 2001, foraying into the training arena and emphasizing Instructor-Led Training with a vision to use technology for knowledge management. Dexler is now focused on delivering learning solutions for organizations and institutions committed to developing their best talent and becoming employers of choice. Over the years, Dexler has recognized the need to move with the times and enable knowledge sharing worldwide, through the use of innovative learning enablers. Today, Dexler offers its customers a combination of strategic educational services and products, robust delivery platforms, learner-appropriate content in a flexible framework for individual learning, corporate education, and community learning. Dexler helps learners and organizations discover what is possible through its innovative learning solutions. Dexler's team of talented, creative, and passionate employees is dedicated to helping transform the learning experience and creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to excel. The focus is on breaking down the barriers to learning and creating a more personalized experience that engages, inspires, and enables people to realize their full potential.

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