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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Pragathi College / Institute of Nursing

Pragathi College /

Institute of Nursing

About Pragathi College /  Institute of Nursing

The Pragathi Institute of Nursing- PION is founded by the Sukrutha Vidya Samsthe which is a trust dedicated towards promoting the profession of nursing. The motto of this trust is to “Service the mankind”. The aims to the Sukrutha Vidya Samsthe are to provide quality academic services and vocational trainings along with the personal and professional development of the students. PION was established in the year 2013 with the anticipations to enroll students from different parts of the country as well as its neighboring countries like Nepal etc. The college has deeply committed itself to provide excellence in the core subjects of research, teaching and consultancy by abiding by strict international standards. It is also committed towards producing successful, highly qualified, professional and productive citizens of the country. The Pragathi Institute of Nursing trains its students for successful transition to dynamic professions of their future life. The students are also encouraged to exchange ideas as they are awarded academic freedom and professional responsibility. References World Health Organization. (2000). Obesity: Preventing and managing the global epidemic: Report of a WHO consultation (WHO Technical Report Series, No. 894). Geneva: Author. Data retrieved from www.who.int/nutrition/publications/obesity/WHO_TRS_894/en/ on December 6, 2012

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