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The All India Society for Electronics and Computer Technology (AISECT) was founded in 1985 and today is considered as one of the leading education groups of India. There are private universities, professional institutions, engineering colleges and education centers under the umbrella of AISECT. Since its inception AISECT has revolutionized the lives of more than one million students, it has produced more than seven thousand entrepreneurs in the country and has accommodated nearly thirty thousand people with indirect employment opportunities. AISECT is an ISO certified educational groups and is also a proud receiver of some of the most prestigious awards from the Government of India, World Bank, TiE, Government of Madhya Pradesh, NASSCOM and various others for its distinguished efforts since the last twenty five years in the field of training and education. AISECT also promoted the first Private University of Bhopal. The aim of the AISCET University is to produce knowledgeable and skilled individuals who would make their family, community and the entire nation proud. References World Health Organization. (2000). Obesity: Preventing and managing the global epidemic: Report of a WHO consultation (WHO Technical Report Series, No. 894). Geneva: Author. Data retrieved from www.who.int/nutrition/publications/obesity/WHO_TRS_894/en/ on December 6, 2012

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