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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

All Saints' Group of Institutes

All Saints' Group of


About All Saints' Group of  Institutes

All Saint's Group of Institutions is administered by the Kurwai Education Society with an affiliation to R.G.P.V Bhopal. The management of the institution usually focuses on workshops and seminars because students learn more there through expert lectures and their experiences. The education of this institution is never restricted to text books, in fact they believe in endowing the students with practical exposure. The administration of the institution provides a platform to the students where they can learn and gain experiences through project works. The finest feature of their staff members is that they emphasize on developing the personalities of the students in order to make them responsible and ethical human beings. The institution maintains numerous departments that include civil engineering, electronics, applied physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and humanities. They offer large variety in their academic courses so that every individual can study with interest according to their inclination. The teachers have the tendency to understand the student's capacity so that they can focus on each students according to their requirements.

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