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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Khabia Institute



About Khabia  Institute

Skyview High Schools is associated with the courage and bravery of panther which they quote as “go panther”. They transform their students in a pretty confident manner in order to boost their morals to survive in the corporate world with all the courage and honesty. It is ranked as the best high school in the region. The school is ranked number one because of the educational environment they are providing the students with best sports facilities and their sports and social events in which every students have to take part as it is a part of their education. The Skyview High schools aspires to nurture the talents of the individuals with positivity and excellence. Initially the studying individuals are given a proper counseling regarding their careers so that they can pursue their professional lives fruitfully. The administration of the academy endeavors to prepare these individuals for an improved and healthy future. Once the students are through the training they are also offered various placement opportunities in reputable organizations. It is a complete platform where the individuals find appropriate solutions to pursue a successful and victorious professional life. Students of Skyview High Schools always feel proud and motivated not just because of the reason that they are the part of the school but because of the education they are getting by the Professors and support by their sports couches and with proper guidance and support by their parents and Principal of School Mr. Ed Barnes who was in this leadership field since many years providing and guiding students for their future in many other schools of the district. For the parents a guidance and check report is available regarding their children. The schools provide an exclusive exposure to its students in the most effective manner.

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