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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Priyatam Institute of Technology & Management

Priyatam Institute of

Technology & Management

About Priyatam Institute of  Technology & Management

Priyatam Group aims to provide world class education to the individuals that can be recognized all over the globe. The institute aims to produce skilled and learned business managers of the future. Along with the academic learning they focus on providing the students with experiential learning in order to make them aware of the real business atmosphere. Their teachings are not just limited to books but they give the students opportunities to get professional exposure to pursue their careers successfully. The teachers provide individual attention to every student regardless of their disabilities. The administration of Priyatam Group encourages and appreciates the work activities and performance of their students in order to motivate them and to make them realize that they have the ability to perform any activity successfully. The infrastructure of the campus is elegantly designed and well resourced with necessary facilities. This state of the art facility consists of a massive library, computer laboratory along with a complete IT resourced centre that is useful for the academic purpose of the students. Priyatam Group maintains a placement centre that provides a platform to the students where they can avail opportunities to seek better jobs for their futures. Abundant events and activities are organized for the relaxation of the students that motivates the students to enjoy their academic learning. Along with academic learning the management also encourages cultural and traditional events so that the students can get aware about their values and heritage equally. The institute maintains a well equipped computer centre that is useful for the academic learning of the students. Strong corporate bonding of the institute with the organizations supports the students to find healthier jobs for their futures. It is engaged in promotion of high quality education to produce technology and business leaders.

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