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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

CSI Balar Gnana Illam

CSI Balar

Gnana Illam

About CSI Balar  Gnana Illam

CSI Balar Gnana Illam is a rehabilitation centre or a specials school for the mentally challenged children which started in 1975. It is located in the centre of Salem City. The campus spreads over a large area and has a kindergarten area, primary school, high school and training institute. The campus is clean and peaceful for making the children happy inside. The institute is recognized by Tamil Nadu Government and is registered under the Disability Act of 1995. The institute gathers the children between 0-6 years that undergo a stimulation process with training and learning programs. The teams of people consist of physiotherapists, speech therapists and special educators who assist the children to learn properly along with their parents. Not only this, the institution plans to establish a solar water heater that can be used for bathing by the children suffering from epilepsy. Also, with the approval of Rehabilitation Council of India, it is planning to start a special education course for diploma in special education.

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