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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Sree Ramcides Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.

Sree Ramcides

Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.

About Sree Ramcides  Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.

Sree Ramcides Chemicals is in to existence since last thirty eight years. It has been serving the agricultural sector incredibly well since its commencement. Their objective is to take care about the health of plants and crops. They intend to design such products which could be nutritious and helpful for the plants and the land. The company understands the fact that most of the part of their economy is boosted by the agricultural sector so they aspired to equip the farmers with the best possible tools and knowledge. They strive to endow the farmers with a healthy and blessed living. They possess a massive team of skilled personals who are dedicated and eager to work with their expertise and knowledge. Each of the personal is assigned various regions so that they can work closely with the farmers and analyze their needs and issues they face regularly. Their workforce is highly motivated and keen about fulfilling the needs of the farmers so that they can work without any hindrances. Sree Ramcides Chemicals produces plenty of land related products and chemicals of which a few are herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, and other plant health nutrients. All these chemicals and fertilizers are produced so that the land can be made more fertile and the cultivation can be done with ease and convenience. They have their factories located in three states which include Pudukkottai, Jammu and Chennai. All their manufacturing units are fully equipped with modern machinery and resources which supports the production of the chemicals and the fertilizers. Each of their unit is filled with skilled employees who are well aware about their job descriptions so that they can perform their duties at the best level. The quality of the products received ISO certification of 14001:2000 by Scc Mumbai.

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