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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Tamil Nadu Open University

Tamil Nadu

Open University

About Tamil Nadu  Open University

TamilNadu Open University was formed with an intention to eradicate discrimination and inequality. The university welcomed every individual regardless of their disabilities, status, cast and religion. It offers copious academic programs under the heads of graduate, under graduate and certifications. These courses include business studies, travel and tourism, counseling, criminology, justice administration, environmental studies and computer application of lateral entry. The faculty members and teachers of the university are quite accommodating and dedicated with the students. They pay full attention on the students individually. The distinctive attribute of the university is that it embraces every kind of people with all care and affection. The administration of the university encourages extracurricular activities amongst the students concerning their culture and traditions in order to make them aware about their values effectively. Teachers work enthusiastically on every individual in order to enhance their personalities and to develop self reliance within them. TamilNadu Open University strives to educate every individual of the country successfully.

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