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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Tamilnadu GOVT. Dental College

Tamilnadu GOVT.

Dental College

About Tamilnadu GOVT.  Dental College

Tamilnadu Govt. Dental College is an extension of Madras Medical College. The founders of the college realized that only ayurvedic solutions were not enough for dental issues so they decided to commence this college exclusively for dental education. They offer academic degrees in numerous courses that include orthodontics, public health dentistry, periodontics, conservative dentistry and endodontic and maxilla official surgery. They conserve brilliant and specialized faculty members who are highly experienced and teach students through their experiences and familiarity. The teachers arrange seminars and expert lectures for the students regarding their academic courses. The students learn more through these workshops and seminars taking place in the college. Students are endowed with counseling sessions concerning their careers and personal development. They are provided with clear guidance and direction towards their futures. Various awareness programs and activities are arranged to make the students understand the issues they might face in their professional life. Tamilnadu Govt. Dental College aims to make the students medically eligible through their excellent academic services.

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