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Tech Innovates is one of the leading training institutes in the country offering a wide range of short term courses, workshops and on the field technical trainings to the pupils. The institute is widely known for providing hands on information where all the students are given a huge amount of opportunity for enriching themselves for all the practical knowledge which is needed in the field of contemporary technological developments in the upcoming fields such as Digital system design, Virtual instrumentation, Robotics, Embedded system design, VLSI, and others. There are different services offered by the Tech Innovates such as they provides their students with a platform to learn the most necessary as well as the most advanced and modern things about different technologies. They also provide R&D facilities where the students can perform and execute various experiments and ideas and the Tech Innovates can get them commercialize. The core Tech Innovates capabilities lies in the designing the systems on FPGA, RTL Level design and Board level.

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