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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

AMIK Tri Dharma Palu


Dharma Palu

About AMIK Tri  Dharma Palu

Academy of Management and Computer Information (AMIK) Tri Dharma Palu is a public university located in Central Selawesi in Palu. This college offers associate expert level college certification that helps the students in gaining the best education. This certification course can only be completed after the requirements are fulfilled. A three year diploma course is required for the fulfillment of this certificate offered by this institution. The classes are short and interesting and help the students in gaining the highest qualifications. The teachers are dedicated and the environment at this institute promotes learning and encourages the difference of opinions. The friendly environment of this institute is its unique aspect and motivates the students in knowing more. Affordable tuition fee helps the students in getting the best education at reasonable cost.

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