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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Fujairah College



About Fujairah  College

The Fujairah College does not only focus on the academics of an individual but also lays emphasis on producing responsible and cultured citizens for the society. They aim to create the future leaders and entrepreneurs from their institute and for that they own excellent faculty who strives to teach the students with quality and proficiency. They provide education in Information technology and Business studies. Fujairah College provides the opportunity of career counseling and career workshops to the students where they can get an idea about choosing their professions and allows them to develop skills such a networking, resume making and job interviews. The administration of the college ensures to give the best to their students in terms of education, curricular activities, guidance and most of all scholarships. The college facilitates students with their own IT centre that provide them with latest software and equipments that makes them competitive in today's world. A complete and supple computing structure is available for the students to make them capable of meeting the challenges of 21st century.

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