Most Widely Acclaimed International Accreditation Council

  • 5,000+ Institutes
    Accredited Worldwide

  • 15,000+ Certified

  • 120+ Countries
    Global Presence

  • 1,000+ Commission
    Members Globally

What Do You Get with IAO's Accreditation?

International Accreditation Organization (IAO) is a globally recognized quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of educational institutes all over the world. With its vast pool of accredited institutes and professionals, IAO's accreditation & affiliation is preferred by institutes over most regional accreditation agencies and national accreditation associations worldwide.

Benefits of IAO's Accreditation

  • International Accreditation with Regional Accreditation.

  • International Benchmark in International Stanrdards.

  • Upto 15% increase in student retention.

  • 30% increase in student enrollments.

  • Worldwide acceptance of your academic prorgams amongst
    employers & educational institutes.

What will you get upon accreditation?

  • Seal & Certificate to promote your accreditation status

  • A dedicated webpage on IAO's website

  • Points Profile Score highlighting your strengths

  • Recommendation Reports to strengthen your weak areas

  • Promotional Opportunity via our webinars, seminars and
    other events.

Statistics Reveal IAO is World's Most Recognized Accreditation Agency?

Global Recognition Worldover

IAO is the only agency that is accepted widely amongst universities & employers

Increase in Student Enrollments + Retention

Our accredited institutes have claimed a 45%
increase in student enrollment + retention ratio
in a span of one year after getting accredited
from IAO.

Increased Student Trust

According to the survey around 1000
students from 1400 chose an IAO
Accredited Institute
to pursue their highereducation

Acceptance amongst employers & educational institutes

80% of students concluded their degrees were
accepted by majority of
the employers
educational institutes worldwide.

Promotion Opportunity

IAO is one the few accreditation
agencies that promotes its accredited institutes massively including website, social mediums, blog, magazine and events

What Our Accredited Institutes Say

After receiving IAO accreditation, our institute’s recognition grew by leaps and bounds. We were recognized world over as a leading science and technology institute.

  • Mark Walton
    Global Institute of Science & Technology

IAO’s accreditation services not only helped us in becoming a renowned institution globally but also we were marketed thoroughly through print and digital mediums, which increased our overall student retention ratio.

  • Wang Jia
    International Institute of Business Management (IIBM)

I cannot thank IAO enough for their marvelous accreditation services and their efforts to ensure my institute’s name reaches every nook of the world. They also helped me develop my overall educational curriculum as per global educational standards.

  • Jessica Thomas
    Global College of Commerce & Economics