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IAO accreditation & membership providing international recognition

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IAO Certification for Professionals

If you wish to enhance your job opportunities globally and work at some of the world's renowned multinational companies, then IAO Professional Certification is for you! Through IAO online certification, you will have a chance to boost up your professional career and avail the best job opportunities for better career pursuits.

For professional development, more than 20,000 professionals, coming from various career paths worldwide have earned their jobs through IAO’s international certification. Being our certificate program holder, we will redraft your resume and forward your profile to 100's of recruiters for better job opportunities including top multinational worldwide.

Different professional certification programs are offered at IAO in different fields of profession. If you have professional certification by IAO you can see yourself succeeding in the profession of your choice. You may choose your certificate program from various categories:

IAO Professional Certification in Numbers