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What Does IAO Publish?

IAO is a quality assurance agency that aims to bring all educational institutes of the world, under one global educational community that follows standardized academic policies.

IAO has always focused on fulfilling the needs and demands in the field of education. Thus, we work to provide guidance and assistance to the education providers in improving the educational standards of their institutes.

IAO publishes magazines, whitepapers on regular basis. These publications aim at educating the world of academia including educational institutes, senior management, faculty and students about the latest trends in the world of education.

  • IAO Accreditor Monthly Edition

    Read our monthly published magazine. Every month, IAO publication team brings you a free magazine packed full of interesting articles, features, and areas of Academia

    IAO Magazines
  • IAO White Papers Monthly Edition

    IAO whitepapers revolve around the need to induct quality education systems. Distinctive in terms of purpose, audience, and organization, this resource will explain issues and provide tips for improvement

    IAO White Papers
  • IAO BrochureCorporate Edition

    There is a whole world of education out there. Read our online brochure for more about educational quality and IAO's commitment to improving education around the world.

    IAO Brochures

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