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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

C.E.T. International school

C.E.T. International


About C.E.T. International  school

C.E.T is an excellent platform to groom your child educationally as well as morally. We know that the children are the most innocent creatures of God. That is why they should be grownup with care and love. C.E.T International School provides an interesting environment for your child by keeping in mind about their sensitive nature and the need to groom their personality. Our education system is not less than any other educational institute that is achieving the level of excellence. The children that are educated from our system can be competed with the children of similar standard organization. We are focusing to make the future builders the complete and successful personalities of tomorrow by providing caring environment in which they learn new things along with their classmates. C.E.T. International school have appointed highly qualified teachers who are not only a great source of knowledge but have excellent skills to groom the personality of children in educated and effective manner. We believe C.E.T. International school believes that children of the present educational system are the successful achievers of tomorrow.

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