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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University

Bhupendra Narayan

Mandal University

About Bhupendra Narayan  Mandal University

The Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University is one of the premier universities of Bihar. The university is committed towards providing excellence in the core disciplines of teaching, research and consultancy by maintaining and following the strict international standards of education. The university was built by keeping in view the growing educational needs of the students in the country. The Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University provides the students with an invigorating environment where they can develop intellectually, think freely and can have personal growth. The university has designed its curriculum in a way that challenges the students with effective learning opportunities and equipping them with awareness, skills, mental outlook and practical experiences that are necessary to take up the responsibilities of the society. The Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University has fifty four constituent colleges which are all offering a wide array of programs for the students. Other than that this it is also offering six general courses and six professional courses to its students.

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