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Preliminary Accreditation Report for

Prince Muhammad Bin Fahad University

Prince Muhammad Bin Fahad


About Prince Muhammad Bin Fahad  University

The goal of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahad University- PMU is to create a world class institute that adhere to the internal quality standards, to provide an enlightening academic experience to its students, to imbibe life skills in them and prepare them to take on competitive careers and succeed in life. The educational structure of PMU is based on the North American model that is based on credit hour system to measure the weight of the course, an intensive student prep program, which is the entry preparation program for students in the university studies, a common curriculum for all degree programs and academic specialization programs. All the courses and programs are taught in English Language, except specific subjects such as Arabic Language and Islamic Studies. PMU admits both male and female students; however, the University preserves the accustomed Islamic division of genders. There are separate accesses to buildings as well as separate seating in the classes for both men and women to maintain the gender separation.

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