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Accreditation Grants for Universities in

IAO is offering accreditation grants of up to 90% of its total fee to universities in .

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IAO's Accreditation for Universities

If you are a traditional, distance learning or an online university, IAO's international accreditation for universities is specially designed for you. It represents your university's commitment to providing quality education which is on a par with the global standards.

IAO grants international accreditation through a unique and patented Points Profile System that evaluates a university on the best educational global practices. IAO's accreditation process is very simple and can be achieved within 30 days. It requires you to fill an application form, submit validation documents and get an on-site visit of your university. Once IAO's full accreditation is granted, it will enhance your university profile on an international level. However, this is not the last step; we will be guiding you on regular basis to improve your educational standards through our continuous improvement process.

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In today’s academic world, accreditation of a University is important for students, faculty, and administrative staff. Students always prefer to enroll at an accredited university as they believe that it will offer quality and internationally recognized programs. An accredited university also has globally-renowned and respected faculty as well as ample facilities that serve to enhance students’ learning experience. Reputed employers and organizations all over the world also prefer to hire candidates graduated from accredited universities.

To pursue its mission of improving and enhancing educational standards, the IAO grants international accreditation to higher educational universities and colleges committed to provide students with a world-class education. The accrediting agency not only accredits a university following a thorough assessment of the latter’s unique and patented points profile system, but also ensures that the accredited university undergoes a continuous improvement process to develop a curricula that is modern and tailored to the students’ specific requirements. -Upon receiving accreditation from IAO, your university will enjoy the following benefits:

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