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IAO's Accreditation for Universities

IAO - International accreditation Seal

If you are a traditional, distance learning or an online university, IAO's international university accreditation is specially designed for you. It represents your university's commitment to providing quality education which is on a par with the global standards.

IAO grants international university accreditation through a unique and patented Points Profile System that evaluates a university on the best educational global practices. IAO's accreditation process is very simple and can be achieved within 30 days. It requires you to fill an application form, submit validation documents and get an on-site visit of your university. Once IAO's full accreditation is granted, it will enhance your university profile on an international level. However, this is not the last step; we will be guiding you on regular basis to improve your educational standards through our continuous improvement process.

In today’s academic world, accreditation of a University is important for students, faculty, and administrative staff. Students always prefer to enroll at an accredited university as they believe that it will offer quality and internationally recognized programs. An accredited university also has globally-renowned and respected faculty as well as ample facilities that serve to enhance students’ learning experience. Reputed employers and organizations all over the world also prefer to hire candidates graduated from accredited universities.

To pursue its mission of improving and enhancing educational standards, the IAO grants international accreditation to higher educational universities and colleges committed to provide students with a world-class education. The accrediting agency not only accredits a university following a thorough assessment of the latter’s unique and patented points profile system, but also ensures that the accredited university undergoes a continuous improvement process to develop a curricula that is modern and tailored to the students’ specific requirements. -Upon receiving online university accreditation from IAO, your university will enjoy the following benefits:

What Will You Get Upon Full Accreditation?

  • IAO's Full Accreditation Certificate & Seal
    Upon receiving Full Accreditation, the university will get a Full Accreditation Certificate & Seal that your University can use to promote on several mediums including your website, official documents and marketing collaterals.

  • Continuous Improvement of your Educational Standards
    IAO will send its recommendation reports at regular intervals to enhance your university's educational practices and standards. Also, a dedicated accreditation consultant will be available to support you for your queries.

Benefits of IAO Accreditation

  • International Accreditation with Regional Recognition
    Online university accreditation by IAO enhances your university's profile on an international level, ensuring that the educational programs your university offers are globally recognized and accepted. Upon receiving university accreditation from IAO, your university will be able to enjoy record student enrollments, and the degrees you offer will be accepted by leading national and multinational organizations the world over.

  • International Promotion & Access to IAO's Publications
    As IAO's Fully Accredited University, you can promote yourself at IAO's educational events and seminars by participating in them. IAO will also send its publications from time to time to your university to keep you updated on educational practices you can adopt to enhance your's educational standards.

  • International Benchmark in Education Standards
    As a fully accredited university, you will be awarded with IAO's unique and patented Points Profile Score which will ensure that your educational programs are on a par with the global standards. IAO's Points Profile Score are the testament of the quality education you deliver and enable you to enjoy a competitive edge over all regional and international universities.

  • Professional Development Opportunity
    IAO's accreditation also serves for a professional development opportunity of your staff members by participating in IAO's conferences and seminars. It will also encourage exchange of information, technology and resources on quality assurance standards and good educational practices on an international level.

IAO Affiliation for Universities

IAO also provides university affiliation along with the accreditation status. The purpose of affiliation is to work or connect with the education industry for prolonged quality education.

University affiliation by IAO allows the universities to operate independently with a formal collaborative agreement with each other. Over the years, IAO has successfully affiliated with different education providers globally. These affiliations aim to provide high quality educational experience for the institutions, students and professionals all around the world.

How to get affiliation from University?

Being affiliated from a university by IAO, students are given a chance to commit towards the promotion of their academic wellbeing. Universities are given a chance to equalize their degrees from the accredited universities by IAO and this would help them earn an acceptable degree in their country and abroad.

Moreover, students are also given a chance to earn an international degree at half price if you enroll in the affiliated universities through IAO. Right now, IAO has a vast network of more than 1000 affiliated universities worldwide.

Once you know how to get affiliation from university through IAO, your university will have a better and long-term connection in the world of academics.

IAO’s Accreditation Process

Signup & Register

Fill in the form below and provide basic information about your institute to register and lock the 90% accreditation grant.

Schedule Visit
1-5 Days

IAO Commission Members will visit your institute to review your institute as per IAO's international accreditation standards and profile score system.

Full Accreditation
Before 15th Day

After the visit, the commission member will submit your institute's review on the basis on which the institute will be awarded Full Accreditation along with Profile Score, certificate and many more benefits.

Accreditation Grants for Universities

IAO is offering accreditation grants of up to 90% to Universties

Signup to reserve your accreditation grant & start accreditation process with IAO!

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